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Naturally manage your menopause

Regain control and confidence with wellness programmes designed by nutritional therapist Clare Shepherd

Simple, natural menopause solutions to manage unpleasant symptoms & live your best life through menopause & beyond.

Hot flushes, low energy, ageing skin, anxiety, disrupted sleep, weight gain (and breathe!) – just a few of the common symptoms that can plague women during menopause.

The YourNewLifePlan programmes provide natural menopause solutions in a few simple steps to help you manage those unpleasant symptoms and create your optimum health. Living a vibrant life life through menopause and beyond doesn’t have to be a dream. Depending on the level of support you require, there is something to ensure you regain control, confidence and the freedom to live life as you choose.

Embracing the 7 steps of The Natural Menopause Road Map (my most popular programme), understanding why and how these changes can make a difference to how you look and feel, will inspire you to continue on your natural menopause journey.

Request your free 30-minute consultation so you can decide which programme would suit you.

The perfect combination of herbs to support your hormones through menopause.

Herb Supplement for Menopause Symptoms

Vibrant Life core principles

Nurture with nature

Just like seedlings, every cell in your body needs to be fed, watered and have the perfect environment to thrive – not just survive – in.

Nature provides an abundance of all the nutrients you need to help you create hormone harmony, gain maximum strength and achieve your full health potential. Nuture your body and your mind.

The YourNewLifePlan health programmes encourage eating natural foods throughout.

You are unique

The one-size-fits-all approach to health and well-being just doesn’t work. The tools and strategies you need are totally unique to you. However, the basic foundation stones need to be firmly in place before exploring what strategies will work for you in the long term.

It’s time to accept and embrace your individuality, put yourself first and do what’s right for you.

Support matters

We believe that personal support makes all the difference to the success of your journey. You don’t have to manage your chaotic hormones alone. 

When the going gets tough, we support you through it. We provide you with ongoing reviews that should inspire you to stick with the programme.

Becoming empowered

Having the correct knowledge, tools, strategies and support underpins our ability to make the correct choices.

Taking key steps to balance our hormones and achieve our optimum health potential allows us to show up stronger for ourselves, our family and our community – back in control and confidently living a life of passion, purpose and freedom.

Do it, it will change your life. It’ll change your attitude to food and exercise and make you think twice about what you put in and on your body. It’ll teach you about goal setting and positive thinking… what it’s worth is difficult to put into words.

Rachel Price, Udine, Italy

Need to know more?


Understanding what to eat and drink, why, how much and when is vitally important to both body and mind. Knowing this helps set the strong foundation stones essential for hormone harmony, happiness and health.

The Vibrant Life Classic membership gently introduces you to the foods that nurture hormones, body and mind. PLUS all members have access to the Vibrant Life VIP which includes menu plans, shopping lists and recipes.

Have a particular medical condition or concern? The Vibrant Life programmes provide you with the flexibility and personal support you need to ensure you’re eating exactly what’s right for you.


Which exercise is best for your age and/or health condition? How can you achieve optimum results safely and effortlessly?

Exercise can be FUN and doesn’t have to involve expensive gyms or hours on a treadmill to lose weight, gain strength and avoid long-term chronic health issues. Exercise that served you in the past may well now be contributing further to your chaotic hormones.

We show you the most effective exercise programmes for menopause in our easy-to-follow videos.


Feeling like you can’t control your physical and emotional symptoms, weight or health goals? Are you fearful of failure? Do you feel guilty about investing in yourself? Is lack of time your enemy? Do you feel unworthy? What’s stopping you from making the changes that you know will help you?

Setting realistic goals and having a positive mindset are vitally important for success.

Vibrant Life membership will help you identify your roadblocks. While working through the Vibrant Life membership you will have all the coaching and support you need from 1:1 or group mentoring calls. You also have access to a 24/7 private Facebook group and to an extended team of experts who can answer your questions.


Confused by all of the information out there about hormones and health? Does it feel like you have all the pieces of the jigsaw but can’t quite put them together to make a complete picture that’s right for you?

You may have heard that ‘knowledge is power’, but we believe that it’s the application of knowledge that is power. Vibrant Life membership offers a wealth of information throughout the course of the programme, plus regular newsletters, videos and posts covering common menopause health concerns. All enabling you to make informed choices to ensure your long-term success.

Our commitment to you

How do you know that making nutrition and lifestyle changes will work for you?

We are all unique with unique needs and we recognise and honour that.

The YourNewLifePlan team – including qualified nutritional therapist Clare, a GP and life and exercise coaches – are all committed to ensuring your success. Throughout the programme, we are here to provide you with the knowledge, support, tools and strategies you need to naturally manage menopause.

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