4 Simple Health Tips for 2013

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December 11, 2012
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December 11, 2012
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4 Simple Health Tips for 2013

New year resolutions regarding nutrition and health can seem overwhelming after only a short while, so why not start by simply adding more good things into your life as opposed to worrying about taking things out?

Include these 4 simple detox tips to your daily routine and you’ll be sure to feel great in no time!

Wishing you a healthy and happy 2013!

1. Drink More Water

Too often we misinterpret the body’s thirst signal for a hunger signal, causing us to eat when really our body is asking or water. So pause before you reach for the snack, and drink some water.

For effective cleansing, follow this easy hydrating regime:

On rising, drink a large glass of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to kick start the day. At meal times, where possible, make sure to drink your water at least 30 minutes before eating as this will allow time for the water to be utilised more effectively, hydrating you in preparation for adequate digestion.

Drink frequently throughout the day, you generally need 1.5 to 2L for adequate hydration.

2. Add A Green Juice To Your Day

Green juices are an amazing way to add energy and detoxifying properties to your body.

I love the Elizabeth Boutenko books ‘Green for Life’ and  ‘Green Smoothie Revolution’. They give some fantastic juice recipes, and a host of other fascinating information regarding attaining and maintaining good health. Or follow Jason Vale the ‘Juice Master’.

You can basically add anything  you wish into a green juice/smoothie, (as long as it’s mostly green of course!) so go ahead and experiment.

A couple of my (easy) favourites are:
(Juice or blend)

– Romaine Lettuce, honeydew melon, water (as needed)
– Bag organic babyleaf spinach,  mango
– Kale, banana, apple, ginger, water (as needed)

Include parsley and coriander into your diet/juices/smoothies as much as possible as they help cleanse the body of toxic metals. You can also stir green powders eg barleygrass and wheatgrass into the smoothie to make them even more nutrient dense.

3. Breathe Correctly!

Yes, I know it sounds crazy but very few of us do actually breathe correctly!

According to the ‘Tao of Breathing’ up to 70% of our body’s waste products are eliminated via our lungs and the rest through the urine, skin and faeces. When the efficiency of our lungs is reduced due to poor breathing, less oxygen is available to our cells. This slows down the flow of blood that carries wastes from the kidneys and lungs and our lymphatic system, which fights off viral and bacterial invaders, is weakened along with a slower digestive process.

Deep breathing, where you fill your stomach and expand your diaphragm downwards, is one of the most powerful exercises you can do to activate your lymph system, thereby helping to detoxify your body. (Think of your lymph system as your own personal waste disposal system).

How to Breathe: Practise 10 deep slow breathes counting 4 seconds in, 8 seconds hold and 8 seconds out. You can do this exercise watching the TV, walking the dog, during meditation or whilst practising yoga.

PS Adding a daily dry skin brush prior to a shower can also really help your lymphatic system. Remember to always brush from your oes, up your body towards the heart

4.    Rest and Relaxation

Exercise, fresh air, sunshine (if only in the UK during winter!), massages, reflexology, steam baths, saunas, yoga, meditation, adequate sleep ….. explore nature, allow your mind to be still.

It’s vitally important to remember that a cleanse works on an emotional and mental level as well as a physical one. Our lifestyle also contributes to our body’s ability to cleanse efficiently, so include one or more of the above, or anything else that makes you feel good, into your life.

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