7 Secrets to a Marvellous Menopause

Staying Slim, Strong & Sane:

7 Secrets to Creating Your Marvellous Menopause Body & Mind

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Naturally Manage Menopause Symptoms,

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  • weight loss and so much more

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7 Secrets To Creating Your

Marvellous Menopause Body & Mind

Here’s what Micheala told me about her journey embracing the 7 Secrets principals:

“I’ve been surprised and encouraged by the changes I’ve seen in such a short space of time.

My physical and mental health is so much better, and I’ve realised that taking an holistic view, mind, body and spirit,

is a far better approach providing greater benefits and results for hormones and health during the menopause years”.

Micheala Frizelle

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