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9 Day Nurture

providing 9 simple suggestions over 9 days to help you:

Stay Slim, Strong & Sane through Menopause

Join a community of amazing mid-life women learning how to naturally manage the physical and emotional symptoms of menopause, including weight gain. Symptoms that they refuse to allow to dictate how they live their lives. Symptoms that when in control give them greater confidence, more freedom.

If you too are determined to live life on your terms, tame chaotic hormones, start to create optimum health, my free “9 Day Nurture” will start you on your journey to stay Slim, Strong & Sane through Menopause (and beyond!)

Why a ‘Nurture’? Because when you embrace the 9 suggested changes over 9 days you’re showing a true commitment to yourself.

A pledge to nurture yourself, practice some much needed self-love, both of which may be in short supply in your life at the moment as you may spend your time looking after others, putting them first?

That’s certainly something I did, as do so many women I work with as they set out on a journey to:

  • regain a sense of control
  • gain in confidence
  • understand that it’s OK to practice self-care  ….. without guilt!

In the 9 Day Nurture I’ll share a simple recommendation each day that will:

  • strengthen your emotional well-being
  • help you manage stress with greater ease
  • reduce unpleasant menopause symptoms
  • understand what may be contributing towards your hormonal chaos & weight gain
  • gain the knowledge to help you attain and maintain your best physical and emotional health
  • be inspired and empowered to learn more and continue to make the change that is right for YOU.

Enjoy the process, and I’d love to hear your positive results!

Clare Shepherd
Nutritional Therapist
Member British Menopause Society

Clare Shepherd

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