Making successful health resolutions

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December 19, 2017
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Making successful health resolutions

How to achieve successful health resolutions.

Have you ever made a resolution to make a positive difference to your physical or emotional health, at a new year or any other time? ? Have you thought about how you will feel when you achieve it? What a difference it will make to your life? How awesome will you feel? It can be really exciting prospect.

Sadly, depending on which study you read, an estimated 88-92 percent of people fail to keep their New Years resolutions, and I suspect that failure rate is consistent for any time of the year. Yet despite this appalling success rate, most people continue to declare a new year will bring about new positive, often life-changing habits. Most often these declarations are around creating a happier and healthier life

To avoid contributing towards this dismal statistic, here’s a really simply and effective alternative that has certainly helped me achieve my goals, and I hope it will help you too.

Create a Plan

Oh how I love a ‘plan’!  I see it as a road map, identifying a starting point and a single destination.  Should you have more than one goal, please prioritise and reduce to just one, it’s just too easy to get lost along the way when you don’t know which direction to follow first.

Any goal you set needs to be realistic AND specific too. For example ‘losing weight’ is not specific, losing 10lbs in 10 days is not realistic. Losing 10lbs in 90 days is both specific and realistic.

A couple of other examples of being both specific and realistic are:

  1. I will prioritise going to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until June
  2. I will drink  minimum of 2 litres of water a day for a minimum of 5 days a week.

Change your life just one small step at a time.

Now you know where you’re going and how long it’s going to take you to get there, break the journey down into chunks or  ‘milestones’; then break down further, and further, until you have a number of achievable small steps to mark your way. So many people give up before they leave the starting block because the goal is too great, requiring too large a first step.

Using the examples above: whatever your exercise level at the moment, increase your gym visit by just 1 visit/week, allowing this new regime to become a habit before moving on. (There is a 12%-30% increase in gym memberships in January and over 50% wont stay more than 24 weeks, most quitting within the first 4 weeks).

If you  drink very little water at the moment, immediately increasing the volume to 2 litres/day could have you visiting the loo at numerous and inconvenient times. Start by increasing by 0.5 litre/day for 5 days, then gradually build upon this until you reach your target.

Of course Robbie Burns was correct, “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”, and there will be the inevitable road blocks along the way requiring a detour, or maybe just sitting and waiting for the road to be cleared. Some of these may be anticipated, (for example a celebration or a holiday) others may be ‘life’ throwing a curve ball your way. Whichever it may be, it can be helpful to have a buddy to share your journey, keep you entertained and positive when the going gets tough.

And when the going does get tough, simply focus on the present, ask yourself what ONE thing can you do today, right now, that will keep you moving towards your goal. Because getting overwhelmed at any time can undo all your good work and intentions.

Whatever resolution you choose to embrace, if you don’t meet your targets please don’t give up, simply start again where you finished.

Finally, please do share and celebrate your successes along the way, don’t wait until you reach your goal. A well deserved pat on the back will both inspire and empower you to keep on going, building your confidence and self esteem.

Most importantly have fun! The journey should be enjoyable to ensure you maintain any new habits in the long term.

Stay Awesome!

PS This is exactly the same strategy I use within the Vibrant Life Membership site with the equivalent 88-92% success rate,  so I know this works!

A full hysterectomy in her 30s led nutritional therapist and health coach Clare on an amazing adventure exploring the many opportunities available to manage her enforced menopause and create long-term health.

Clare prefers the natural approach, and qualifying in nutritional therapy gave her the confidence to come off HRT, take back control of her life and health, and look forward to living the best third of her life free of prescription drugs. Understanding the importance of creating harmony of health of both body and mind through menopause and beyond, she’s now on a mission to inspire, educate and empower other women, too.

Click HERE to find out more about how Clare shares her years of exploring, experience and knowledge through 1:1 consultations and online programmes, and where you can request a FREE 30 minute consultation with Clare to discuss any personal menopause/health concerns you may have.

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