Managing Menopause Anxiety

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June 6, 2019
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June 12, 2019
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Managing Menopause Anxiety

Managing Menopause Symptoms. Anxiety.

Anxiety is a MAJOR concern for so many women throughout the menopause transition. Not just related to menopause hormones (lower progesterone) but to mid-life in general. One of the most important first considerations is to identify the source of any STRESS, then determine ways of managing that stress to the best of your ability.

Often asking for help, something we women don’t tend to be very good at, is the most significant step you can make. Without doing this then the following won’t be so effective, they’ll just be sticking plasters that wont stay on very long.

  • Identify stress and means of managing effectively
  • Prioritise yourself. Yes I did say that!
  • Practice relaxation techniques, meditation, yoga, journaling,
  • Include breathing techniques into your daily routine, especially when feeling anxious.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol, they promote the release of cortisol
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Ensure hydrated, drink 2 litres water minimum at optimum times of the day.
  • Include essential Omega 3 fats in your diet (eg nuts, seeds, avocados, oily fish) and also supplement with Omega 3
  • The supplement magnesium is calming
  • Herbal remedy St Johns Wort may be effective. (Caution if on medication and some supplements)
  • Exercise to release feel good hormones.
  • Practice the 5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Exercise
    • 5 things you can see
    • 4 things you can hear
    • 3 things you can feel
    • 2 things you can smell
    • 1 thing you can taste

What natural remedies or solutions have you found to help you with anxiety?

Clare 🙂

Helping busy ladies naturally create harmony and  health through the menopause years and beyond.  Regain control, confidence, and be free to live the life they choose.

A full hysterectomy in her 30s led nutritional therapist and health coach Clare on an amazing adventure exploring the many opportunities available to manage her enforced menopause and create long-term health.

Clare prefers the natural approach, and qualifying in nutritional therapy gave her the confidence to come off HRT, take back control of her life and health, and look forward to living the best third of her life free of prescription drugs. Understanding the importance of creating harmony of health of both body and mind through menopause and beyond, she’s now on a mission to inspire, educate and empower other women, too. Help them create their ‘new life’.

Click HERE to find out more about how Clare shares her years of exploring, experience and knowledge through 1:1 consultations, speaking and online programmes, and where you can request a FREE 30 minute consultation with Clare to discuss any personal menopause/health concerns you may have.

*Full Member of the British Menopause Society


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