Going for Gold to Achieve Your Menopause Health & Weight-loss Goals

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May 9, 2016
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September 19, 2016
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Going for Gold to Achieve Your Menopause Health & Weight-loss Goals

Going for Gold

Aiming for gold on your menopause health & weight loss journey.

I found the Olympic Games in Rio so exhilarating! So many countries winning medals and now the Paralympic Games have started, with many more athletes aiming for gold. Television has just become exciting again!

Super hero and super human are words I’ve heard to describe the competitors. Focus, commitment and dedication is what allows these athletes to achieve their dreams and be the person they want to be.

You also could be aiming for gold on your menopause health & weight loss journey, following similar strategies for success.

Be Prepared

Preparation is absolutely key. Top athletes don’t just turn up a few minutes before the event and expect to do well.

They prepare mentally and physically beforehand.

plannerThey understand the competition, and any personal mind-set blocks that may interrupt, delay or sabotage their progress. They know every inch of the track, equipment and obstacles that may prevent them from achieving their ultimate goal. The gold medal.

You also must prepare for your own success. Plan your meals at least 4 days ahead of time; create a shopping list; buy or order the food; identify and allow for social occasions that may interrupt your plans; commit to a start date. If you’re considering juices and smoothies, ensure you have the right equipment.


The Benefits of a Coach

All great athletes have access to a team of experts. Team GB for example have invested millions of pounds into carefully selected top class coaches, mentors, nutritionists, physios, medics … a team they can trust allowing them to concentrate on winning the game. The same applies to you to keep you on track with your goals too.

The right mentor will hold you accountable, encourage you, inspire you, hold your hand, pick you up and lift you up when needed.

It’s essential you choose someone you can relate to and trust, someone who understands your needs and frustrations and the journey you have committed to.

Under Starters Orders

Knowing your starting point can be so very important.  Not just your weight and measures, but also any physical and emotional symptoms you’re experiencing. For example sleep, energy, digestion, moods and more.  Knowing your starting point allows you to see tangible results, measure progress and regular intervals.

Running the Race

You have now laid the foundation stones for achieving your success. It’s now time to assess any obstacles that may cause you to falter.

Identify any stories, excuses and negative phrases you may be telling yourself in advance, for example ‘diets never work for me’, ‘I’ll never lose this weight’, ‘it’s my age’, ‘it runs in the family’. A good coaching programme will help you be aware of these in advance so you can overcome them ahead of time.

Identify and avoid people who may try and sabotage your progress, ‘friends’ who encourage you to eat cake, drink alcohol, make you feel uncomfortable for not complying with their ‘normal’.

This is your life, your health and your body. Only YOU are responsible for the choices you make to create optimum health.

Winning Gold

All top athletes want to retain their position on the podium. Knowing how good it feels to win the gold medal it’s now important to continue to review your progress and keep creating good habits, not fall back into old ways. The effort may not be as great, the race not as hard, but continuing to learn and grow is imperative. You know you deserve that gold medal and are proud to wear it!

healthy woman and daughter

If you’d like to get support with your health and menopause goals, join me on Facebook where I regularly drop in to share information and answer questions posted by followers. Maybe something has been bugging you or the latest study has been released that seems to contradict the last latest study – confused you may be! I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

Alternatively should you be ready to take the plunge and receive dedicated coaching to take control of your weight & health through menopause & beyond, please do drop me an email [email protected]. Or apply for a free, no obligation chat, ‘Let’s Talk’.

I’d love to help you!




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