Symptom Library

Are you worried by the number of possible symptoms attributed to menopause? Wondering if it’s possible to do anything to tame those that concern you most at any one time? With over 34 symptoms of menopause, which is truly quite disturbing! The good news is that not all are experienced by all women, and some symptoms are more common for many than others. I’m covering some of the more common in this Symptom Library, offering top tips to help you manage those giving you greatest concern.

However, the root cause of all these symptoms is the fluctuation of hormones through the peri-post menopause years. Treating this ROOT cause is so important to help reduce the frequency and severity of all menopause symptoms. You’ll find a common theme running through the symptom management posts covering hydration, diet, exercise, stress reduction, mindset and more. All of these are covered in the Natural Menopause Road Map online workshop helping you create a happier and more balanced life through menopause and beyond.

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Hot Flushes/Night Sweats

Both symptoms affect life day and night, yet there could be triggers, what could yours be? And how can you reduce severity & frequency?


Affecting the ability to function physically & mentally, fatigue causes concern at both home & work for many during the menopause years


The symptom that is most commonly reported to GP’s, and one heightened by chaotic menopause hormones & ‘mid-life in general.

Joint Pain

Oestrogen plays a protective role and dropping levels can contribute towards seemingly systemic aches & pains. It’s not ageing, so simple changes can help create positive change.

Weight Gain & Cravings

Weight gain during menopause can cause considerable stress & distress, increasing cravings, especially sugar. Find out how to manage them & lose those excess pounds.

Brain Fog

Forgetfulness, lack of concentration, low motivation & creativity, trying to find words in a cotton wool brain? Hormones have an important role to play in the way your brain works.

Dry / Itchy Skin

Dry and or itchy skin during menopause is common, caused by dropping oestrogen levels reducing the collagen supply to the skin.

Mood Swings

Up, down, roller-coaster mood swings through menopause can be both stressful and fearful. These tips will help you create greater balance and harmony.

Low Libido / Vaginal Dryness

Both symptoms can cause problems in a relationship. If this is a problem for you don’t leave it too late to take action and find a solution.


Heart palpitations can be due to fluctuating levels of oestrogen. Yet there are simple techniques to help reduce the stress and anxiety they cause.


Fatigue is a common symptom of the menopause years due to a number of reasons. This lack of energy can be crushing at times, having a negative effect on our physical and emotional well-being and health.

Irregular Periods

Periods can definitely change through the menopause years, it certainly isn’t unusual, but can be concerning. So what can you expect, and when do you visit your GP?