Menopause Weight Loss

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June 19, 2019
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Menopause Weight Loss

Menopause weight loss can seem impossible to achieve for so many. Being disheartened when finding that what worked successfully in the past may not work for you now; possibly cutting calories, upping your exercise but nothing changes.

Following a diet suitable for this time of your life is essential, the same diet that will help you balance those chaotic menopause hormones, the right exercise for the menopause years is also needed. Combine the two and you should be well on your way.

But what happens when you find it just too difficult to put the nutrition and exercise guidelines into action.Or you can’t stay motivated with the changes you wish to make and the weight creeps back on?

What’s missing from the successful weight loss equation?

It’s time to add in a positive change to your mindset.

Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude

You wont achieve anything unless you really want it 100%!  And the words you use to talk to yourself have a direct bearing on the probability of you achieving any goal you set yourself in life. Remember that if you want to lose weight – keep your goals reasonable, as disappointment and frustration are the death of a good diet.

Here are a few tips to keeping positive:

1.    Trying to be perfect from the start leads to failure in 90% of cases. Aim for ‘progress, not perfection’.
2.    For the first month, focus on the 20% of actions that make 80% of the difference (write these down)
3.    Take it slowly, baby-steps, day-by-day and celebrate each success – not with food!
4.    Give yourself a cheat day, or relax every now and then – treat yourself!
5.    If you have a bad day, don’t beat yourself up! Take time to think what happened and start again, right NOW!

The above are simple suggestions, and you may have some of your own that help you keep on track. If so, please do share with me so I can pass on to help others too.

Staying positive while making nutrition and lifestyle changes is essential to create lasting positive change through the menopause transition; attain and maintain optimum health through and beyond menopause.

The Natural Menopause Road Map provides all  the information, guidance and support you need to make  that positive change. Make everything seem possible, not impossible. Find out more HERE.

Stay positive!

Clare 🙂

Helping busy ladies naturally create harmony and  health through the menopause years and beyond.  Regain control, confidence, and be free to live the life they choose.

A full hysterectomy in her 30s led nutritional therapist and health coach Clare on an amazing adventure exploring the many opportunities available to manage her enforced menopause and create long-term health.

Clare prefers the natural approach, and qualifying in nutritional therapy gave her the confidence to come off HRT, take back control of her life and health, and look forward to living the best third of her life free of prescription drugs. Understanding the importance of creating harmony of health of both body and mind through menopause and beyond, she’s now on a mission to inspire, educate and empower other women, too. Help them create their ‘new life’.

Click HERE to find out more about how Clare shares her years of exploring, experience and knowledge through 1:1 consultations, speaking and online programmes, and where you can request a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with Clare to discuss any personal menopause/health concerns you may have.

*Member British Menopause Society

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