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December 18, 2017
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Menopause Acupressure Freckles
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Menopause Herbal Food Supplement


Find Natural Hormonal & Menopause Relief with HerboloQi Herbal Food Supplement

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HerboloQi is a natural herbal food supplement for women who are looking for relief from menopause symptoms.

This combination of powerful herbs work synergistically, providing the necessary support to ease the rise and fall of the menopause hormones and the frequency and severity of so many unpleasant menopause symptoms. As a bonus, these herbs contribute to health and well-being BEYOND menopause giving you the freedom to live your best life. The menopause can be such a roller coaster of physical and emotional symptoms, with many women feeling that they are losing control through this natural transition, that their hormones are dictating how they live their lives.

The carefully selected blend of traditional ingredients may help:


  • – relieve hot flushes
  • – alleviate night sweats
  • – promote more restful sleep
  • – reduce anxiety
  • – boost immune system
  • – balance moods
  • – support digestive health so important for hormone balance
  • – boost libido
  • – improve mental clarity
  • – promote general hormone balance & health


Each bag provides a 4 week supply.

Get 15% off first order! Enter MENOHERBS15 at checkout.



HerboloQi is a natural menopause herbal food supplement for women who are looking for relief from menopause symptoms. This supplement contains PREMIUM herbal ingredients that  work synergistically to combat the negative symptoms of menopause and hormonal fluctuations. Formulated from linseeds/flaxseeds, maca, red clover, dandelion root, fennel, lime flowers and goji berries, HerboloQi  Menopause Herb Supplement provides natural support for women through the menopause transition.



  • Linseeds 30% for Omega 3 content.
    • Heart, brain, bone and cellular health, the essential raw ingredients for reducing internal stress and creating balanced hormones.
  • Organic Maca Root 30%
    •  An adaptogenic herb helping with stress, sleep, hormone balance, hot sweats, libido and much more..
  • Lime Flowers 12%
    •  For their ‘cooling’ properties
  • Dandelion Root 10%
    •  Supports the liver, so important in controlling hormones
  • Goji 8%
    • Bursting with immune boosting anti-oxidants, also promoting digestive and liver function, restful sleep and promoting long term health
  • Red Clover  5%
    • A powerful phyto-oestrogen for maximum hormone support and balance.
  • Fennel 5%
    •  Supports microbiome of digestive tract, so necessary for hormone balance

Caution: Contents may have been in contact with nuts and seeds.


Directions for use:

Take 1 x tbsp powder twice/day with 250ml fluid. Best added to a smoothie or non-dairy milk shake.

Note: Ingredients are a very fine powder & may clump slightly in other fluid, please stir briskly, or use milk frother.

Keep cool, dark place away from heat and direct sunlight.


Postage is included, and available for shipping in UK. For outside the UK please contact me for postage costs.


Do not take if breast feeding or pregnant.

Consult you doctor if taking prescription medication. Herbs can interact with some medications

Not a substitute for a healthy diet

Keep out of reach of children

Caution: Contents may have been in contact with nuts and seeds.


Returns Policy:
YourNewLifePlan will arrange for a credit, less shipping and handling,
for any unopened package returned within 30 days of your ship date.


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