The Natural Menopause Road Map
December 18, 2017
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Menopause Herbal Supplement


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Before I tell you the benefits, first let me explain WHY I’ve delved into the world of herbs.
  1. Nothing works in isolation as effectively as when coupled with a combination of synergistic ingredients.
  2. To absorb any nutrients, a healthy digestive tract is required.
  3. A healthy digestive tract is integral to hormone health too. It’s intrinsically linked to balancing insulin for blood sugar balance, oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol for reducing anxiety, boosting melatonin for restful sleep, and supporting your immune system, plus housing the feel good neurotransmitters seratonin and dopamine. Pretty important indeed!
  4. Taking a number of different herbs is expensive.
  5. I’m often disappointed by the quality of herbs available/people buy.
  6. I hear too often that “I’ve tried everything, nothing works for me”, but when I explore more the expectation of that single product is too high. Having a combination is much more powerful.
  7. Taking this means you don’t have to take linseeds, maca, or any other herb separately! It could even replace an antioxidant, digestive or liver support supplement you may be taking.
I’ve put together, using the very best quality herbs, organic where possible:
  • Linseeds for Omega 3. Heart, brain, bone and cellular health, the essential raw ingredients for reducing internal stress and creating balanced hormones.
  • Maca, an adaptogenic herb helping with stress, sleep, hormone balance, hot sweats and much more. The best individual hormone supportive ‘all rounder’ I know.
  • Lime Flowers for their ‘cooling’ properties
  • Dandelion Root to support the liver, so important in controlling hormones
  • Goji, oh my goodness, what don’t these do!? Bursting with health providing anti-oxidants, also promoting digestive and liver function.
  • Red Clover, a powerful phyto-oestrogen for maximum hormone support.
  • Fennel for digestive mucous membrane health. Nurturing all those lovely bacteria supporting your hormones.
Individually powerful, but together, working in synergy, an absolute powerhouse.
This is a PREMIUM product, the highest quality ingredients presented in the perfect percentage to ensure maximum benefit to both your hormones and health.
It’s in powder form, and 1 x tbsp taken twice per day, stirred into around 250ml of water/juice/smoothie is recommended.
And it tastes completely neutral, I was so delighted to discover!
Each bag provides a 4 week supply and retails at £27.99 including postage.

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