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Menopause Herbal Food Supplement
October 1, 2019
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Menopause Acupressure Freckles


Menopause support acupressure frecklesNatural support for women transitioning through menopause, helping manage unpleasant symptoms with Acupressure Freckles.

Second Spring is how the menopause transition in a woman’s life is referred to in Chinese Medicine – a new beginning! As with all new beginnings  some level of fear and unease occurs as our bodies change and adapt.

These 4 powerful Acupressure points are used in combination with each other to create a smooth transition and facilitate hormonal balance, reducing many menopause symptoms by supplementing our innermost Yin energy. Yin is considered to be our cooling, calming most feminine energy which can become depleted with age, stress or hormonal medication.

Benefits of Second Spring: 

  • Supplement Yin energy
  • Helps to cool the body during hot flushes
  • Smooth hormonal fluctuations
  • Calm the mind and lift the spirits
  • Lift mental fog
  • Improved sleep quality and energy

Empower yourself with the skill and knowledge to develop a simple and effective acupressure home practice, to sustain and support a balanced hormonal transition through menopause. Or, use SECOND SPRING as an instant remedy to ease rising heat and sleeplessness.

Combine with the HerboloQi Menopause Herb Supplement for best effect.

Ordering is through who have a range of acupressure support packages.You will be redirected following the link below:

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