The liver, hormones & health.

How the liver supports menopause hormones
June 1, 2021
Menopause and Hormones Explained
June 6, 2021
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The liver, hormones & health.

You may be wondering what has the liver got to do with controlling your hormones? How can looking after your liver help reduce those unpleasant symptoms?

It’s a LONG story, and the short answer is your liver is ESSENTIAL for hormone metabolism, and caring (not abusing) your liver can make a SIGNIFICANT difference to your symptoms, how you look and how you feel.

I did mention it’s a huge subject, so I’ve split this article into two parts, the second is for those who need to understand HOW the liver functions and affects hormones. It’s fascinating. Well I think so!

In this first article I’m going to introduce you to your liver, and point you to more information that can help you show it the love it needs and deserves. The link to the second is further down.

Introducing you to your liver

Everything you breathe, eat or absorb through the skin gets into the bloodstream and eventually passes through the liver. Because the liver is the body’s primary detoxifier, keeping it healthy is critical to your overall health, including proper metabolism, function and balance of your hormones.

FACT: Did you know that your liver cleans every drop of blood in your body every 3 minutes?
Isn’t that incredible?

The functions of the liver

The liver is the greatest multi tasking and detoxifying organ in the body and as such its function has an incredibly important impact on our health. It is in fact so important, it is the only organ that can regenerate with the absolute potential to heal itself given enough tender, loving care.

The liver’s many functions include:

  • constantly breaking down and eliminating toxins from any source within the body
  • breaking down and eliminating excess and old hormones, ensuring hormone balance is maintained
  • constantly balancing blood sugar
  • producing bile to break down fats and remove cholesterol
  • storing essential vitamins, minerals and glucose
  • metabolising drugs
  • filtering your blood
  • breakdown and elimination of old red blood cells

If the liver is placed under stress due to poor diet and lifestyle choices then its ability to function may become compromised in other areas of its activity, which may result in:

  • weight gain
  • food allergies, intolerances and sensitivities
  • inflammation
  • reduced immune function
  • hormone imbalance including common menopause symptoms
  • premature ageing
  • reduced mental clarity, poor memory & concentration
  • mood swings
  • excess anger, irritation, frustration
  • acne and other skin problems
  • chronic fatigue
  • poor sleep
  • sugar cravings
  • diabetes
  • bloating
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • nausea
  • headaches
  • poor cholesterol metabolism

A pretty comprehensive list of important functions, and a concerning list of unpleasant symptoms, often associated with menopause, if the liver is challenged.

Your liver and hormones

The liver is a vital body organ which carries out a wide range of hormone related essential functions. It plays a particularly vital role in the body’s use of hormones, both those that are produced naturally in our bodies as well as those hormones that are “introduced” via hormone therapies. It acts as a hormone processor, metabolising oestrogen and testosterone, regulating hormone levels including thyroid hormones, and directing various other hormones to perform their proper function in other parts of the body.

But when the body experiences a hormone excess, including oestrogen (whether produced by the body or introduced by hormone therapy), the liver may not be able to process the hormone(s) as quickly or efficiently, or eliminate old hormones, contributing towards a greater hormone imbalance and oestrogen dominance. Symptoms include:

  • decreased sex drive
  • bloating and water retention
  • mood swings and depression
  • hair loss
  • weight gain
  • cold hands and feet
  • headaches

Therefore improving and maintaining liver health is essential to ease any hormone imbalance, however caused.

How the liver metabolises oestrogen

I love the science behind how the body works with hormones, and the liver in particular I find really interesting.

For those of you that like to understand the ‘science’ behind how the liver metabolises ostrogen,  and breaks down and eliminates toxins, I’ve written a separate article. Doing it this way also helps keep this article to a reasonable size!

To find out more, click BELOW:

What compromises liver function, affecting hormones?

Quite simply, it’s predominately poor past and/or current diet and lifestyle choices that introduce an excess of toxins that seriously compromises liver function, disrupting hormone balance and adversely affecting your mid-life physical, mental and emotional health. Very often impacting on your weight and inability to lose those excess pounds too. To create  hormone harmony it’s essential to #LoveYourLiver.

How to #LoveYourLiver

I think that’s enough to be going on with!

Any questions  please do let me know. And if you’d like to understand how to put all this together to help you better manage this time, then please do apply for a  FREE 30 minute consultation.

Clare 🙂

Helping busy ladies naturally create harmony and  health through the menopause years and beyond. 

Regain control, confidence, and be free to live the life they choose.

A full hysterectomy in her 30s led nutritional therapist and health coach Clare on an amazing adventure exploring the many opportunities available to manage her enforced menopause and create long-term health.

Clare prefers the natural approach, and qualifying in nutritional therapy gave her the confidence to come off HRT, take back control of her life and health, and look forward to living the best third of her life free of prescription drugs. Understanding the importance of creating harmony of health of both body and mind through menopause and beyond, she’s now on a mission to inspire, educate and empower other women, too. Help them create their ‘new life’.

Click HERE to find out more about how Clare shares her years of exploring, experience and knowledge through 1:1 consultations, speaking and online programmes, and where you can request a FREE 30 minute consultation with Clare to discuss any personal menopause/health concerns you may have.

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Member of the British Menopause Society

Award winning Menopause Coach & Educator


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