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create your best health, both NOW and BEYOND menopause.

Vibrant Life Classic is a life-time  membership programme designed to help you manage menopause symptoms and achieve long-term health and weight-loss goals in a natural way.

This is your personal natural menopause road map.

You get immediate access to a feast of online resources that will show you how to balance your hormones and create health. Gently guiding you step by step so you’re not overwhelmed, and to ensure changes will effortlessly fit into your unique lifestyle, Clare shares advice on essential nutrition, effective supplements and exercise and also helps you build a positive mindset providing lasting change to body and mind. It’s your menopause road map.

In addition continual personal assessment, membership group support via Q&As and mini-challenges will keep you on focused on the road ahead. It’s your one-stop site for everything you need to regain control and confidence and be free to live the life you choose through menopause and beyond.

PLUS get access to extra online resources from Vibrant Life VIP for the duration of your membership for FREE when you sign up.

What’s included immediately and via weekly updates

As a life-time member of  Vibrant Life Classic, you will receive all the long-term tools and strategies you need to reclaim and maintain your menopause health. You get complete flexibility to work at your own pace, yet are fully supported every step of the way.

Sign up to follow Clare’s personal philosophy of:





Lifetime Membership Fee

PLUS personal support & accountability to ensure your unique needs are met:


*discounted to £199 for Menopause Road Map Graduates

Online support

Continual personal support throughout the programme from Clare and other members via the Success Circle Facebook group.


Linking body & mind. Powerful hypnotherapy, visualisation and meditation music and scripts for common symptoms, e.g. sleep, cravings, low confidence and stress.


Cut through the chaos of information re natural effective hormone support and health creation.


Access to a ‘classroom’ of information to empower you through knowledge, and inspire you to continue applying that knowledge.

Hints & tips

Motivational hints and tips to help you follow through with your good intentions.


A range of simple yet effective exercises designed for the menopause years.


Access to a library of information, giving advice on menopause health concerns, ageing, exercises and important aspects of diet and nutrition.


Regular mini-challenges to keep you on your toes when you’re not following the plan.

Shopping lists

Ingredient lists for VIP menu plans, to help with budgeting and planning.

Meal plans

Complete VIP menu plans & recipes showing the wide range of nutrients needed to balance hormones and gain maximum and maintainable health benefits.

Tangible Results

Health Questionnaire, Nutrition Profile, Measurement Forms regularly requested; progress monitored and personal advice given.

Plus pop-up live group Q&As to answer any other questions. It’s your one-stop site for everything you need to take back control of your life.

I can’t believe how much things have improved! I really didn’t think I would feel so different in just 3 months. All my health/physical  issues have either improved or gone and I’m so much more positive. I will never go back to how things were before. Thank-you Clare, what you’re doing is great.

Louise Rivers

Is the Vibrant Life Classic Programme for you?

This isn’t a one-size-fits-all generic health programme.

The personal support you receive means I can only work with a limited number of people at any one time to ensure your maximum success.

If you need to discover how you too can take back control of your body and mind through the menopause years, create long-term optimum health, then apply for a free, no obligation chat to discuss your personal menopause concerns and see if this programme is right for you.



If you’re looking for more personal help and guidance then Vibrant Life VIP may be for you. During this 10-week 1:1 nutrition and exercise programme, Clare assesses your health needs and tailors the programme to suit you.

I didn’t realise I was so close to being diabetic, it was frightening. Now it feels like the old me is emerging… I now feel I can live an active middle and old age and not miss out on all the fun I always enjoyed until a few years ago.

Cheryl, Derbyshire

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